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  • My husband called everywhere, and I mean everywhere to get care for an injured feral cat and no one was able to see him. We were at a loss in how to care for such a wild animal. He is still so wild he can not be touched. We believe in Trap Neuter Release but NW Spay and Neuter does not provide care, just the surgery. I understand the hesitancy but we could not bear to see an animal suffer. There were many reasons he was turned away from offices such as them not doing that kind of care or that they were not taking new clients. Ultimately we were fortunate enough that Pet Doctor was able to put him on schedule for full exam, care and treatment. We have another reformed feral cat that is now strictly indoors that Dr Fujie sees for us. We learned our new kitty had multiple issues, but we are committed to caring for him, now that we know he really can have a good quality of life in a catio! When he was sedated the staff took the time to clean his ears and brush his fur! He was just a mess and so neglected. We did not intend on being pet stewards for another cat but sometimes that is just the way it goes. When we picked him up, Heidi and Jen were so caring and obviously have a love like our own for animals. Our pets are part of the family and we intend to carefully integrate our new kitty, Sylvester Wild, into the family at his pace. I highly recommend Dr Fujie, as she is and always will be our family's veterinarian. We appreciate her commitment to helping animals and the staff at Pet Doctor for their hard work for helping our fur babies. Sylvester Wild is recovering well and he teaches us patience. It takes a long time to build trust and he has had a hard life until now. We will offer him love, care, and creature comforts that he has not had. Pet Doctor is just the best! Thank you!
    Susan Kerr
  • THANK YOU Dr. Erika Romman for make my first visit wonderful you make us comfortable we trust you. My first time visit this place and I love it so much they treat my baby amazing the doctor explain every step they have to do I feel welcome at THE PET DOCTOR in Lakewood Washington I highly recommend here they gave me appointment as soon as possible for Sunny this is gonna be my forever place to bring my baby thank you for all the stuff there everyone is so polite thank you
    Yuliana Gonzalez
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