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  • I was recommended to the pet doctor by a really good friend. It was the best decision ever. I live out in Yelm and the pet doctor is the only place I take them to. They are amazing with my two kitty fur babies. They always explain how and why when i have questions. They make sure to be gentle with them. Dr. Murphy was very good with them. I left the office and later on I had a question about what cat shampoo to buy because my nervous cat had an accident. Stacy was amazing and very helpful over the phone. I will always come back to the pet doctor.
    Michelle e
  • I had to have my boy put down almost two years ago it was deviating I'm crying writing this They were amazing they seed stand offish at first wanted to examine him and such they wanted to know what was wrong with him make sure it wasn't neglect I broke down told them what happened they could tell I loved him went right to helping him they wanted to take him inside. We were having trouble getting him he was 100 pounds and had lost use of his back legs One of the ladies moved everyone out of her way and grabbed him up and carried him in it was awesome she was awesome. They went right to helping him over rainbow bridge I held h and talked to him They gave all the time I needed to say bye Then they sent me a paw print in clay a tuff of his hair and a wonderful card everyone signed and a number to call if I needed help with grieving They are fantastic
    Michelle VanDusen
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