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  • The Pet Doctor was amazing! I was initially very nervous about not being able to go in with my cat Floofina because she had been traumatized and mistreated by another vet in the area, which left her with a lot of anxiety whenever I had to take her to a vet's office. The Pet Doctor took amazing care of her, and they assured me that if she started to show severe signs of distress they would find a way to let me know and then work something out. However she did great and I didn't have to go in. The difference between how she looked leaving The Pet Doctor vs. the other vet in town was night and day. You can tell the vet and staff at The Pet Doctor really care about your animals. She was being seen for a wellness exam and second opinion after being diagnosed by another vet with a heart murmur and feline oral resorptive lesions. The first vet I saw tried to tell me she would immediately need one extraction and that there was a possibility she'd need all of her teeth removed. This seemed crazy to me because a year ago she had a perfectly clean bill of health. The vet at The Pet Doctor was honest, patient, and kind. She took over 20 minutes with me on the phone to fully explain what was going on with Floofina, answer any and all questions I had, and help formulate a plan of care. Floofina was confirmed to have a murmur, but I was able to speak with someone to schedule an ecg for her in a very reasonable amount of time. The vet at Pet Doctor told me that I had indeed been mislead by the folks at the other vet in town and they Floofina wouldn't need any extractions at the time, and that they couldn't find any resorptive lesions. She did point out that she had some inflamed gums and let me know ways I could help improve her oral hygiene at home. I am planning for a routine cleaning down the road, but nothing as dire as initially thought. I'm incredibly thankful to have found a vet with such caring staff and will definitely be making The Pet Doctor the vet for all three of my cats.

    Abigail G.

  • Really nice Vet and the techs are fantastic. They took very good care of my kittens routine spay and neuter.

    S Birdstone

  • 4.7 Google Rating